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Creative Film Spring 11

Page history last edited by Jason Paddock 11 years, 5 months ago

Creative Movie PROJECT 



You and your group members will be writing a script to a movie that you will film. The film MUST relate to something we have covered in class.


  • Relate and connect a topic, theme, idea covered in class to your product.
  • Research the art of screenwriting.
  • Plan and write the screenplay.
  • Assemble appropriate costumes, props, locations, etc.
  • Film the play using Flip Videos, edit (adding music, sound effects, titles, etc.), and present the final result.


Each member of your group will have a specific job. These jobs may certainly overlap and individuals are not confined to only those jobs. In groups that contain five members one person will also fill another role.

(Each person in the group must serve as one of the roles in red.)


Director/Producer: Oversees the entire project as well as individual tasks. Gives actual guidance in filming to the camera operator, actors, etc.  

Sceenwriter: Oversees the writing of the script.

Artist: Oversees the storyboard (if applicable).

Videographer/Editor: Does all of the filming and editing the movie. Creates titles, adds music/sound effects, etc. as well as organizing and keeping up with the different scenes.

Production Assistant: Gathers and organizes everything that may be needed--from costumes, props, locations, scripts, music, etc. Especially helps Videographer/Editor with organizing scenes, music, etc.

I. Pitch

You will “pitch” your idea to me for approval. See http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/preparing-to-pitch-your-screenplay-to-a-studio.html and/or other such sites. Along with the pitch you must have some visual tool to enhance your presentation. You must stick to the plan, though it will certainly evolve. If you begin to veer, keep me apprised.

II. Script

You should first research the art of screenwriting:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screenwriting is actually a good place to start. Create a GoogleDoc for your research, your collaborative planning, as well as for your actual screenplay; please share it with me. Name your doc E4H Screenplay Assignment [Director's Name]. There should be evidence of research and planning, which should also show development over the course of this phase of the project.

There will be two accepted forms for your script:

1) You must write a script and create a detailed storyboard to plan your filming. See the following: (
Template 1 ,Template 2Template 3).   


Storyboard info/examples: 









2) Write a detailed screenplay based on a professional standard (seehttp://www.screenwriting.info/ or another approved format.)

III. The Film 


Shoot and edit the entire script using the flip cameras or other devices. 



Each group must:

 1. Have a visual tool for their pitch.
2. Have a typed screenplay OR script and storyboard to be handed in.

3. Assign acting roles to every group member. Some group members may need to act as two characters. You may use other people to round out needed roles.

4. Use class time wisely AND cooperate and work well together.

Your group will be scored on how well its members function with each other and divide the work AND how well its members stay on task.


Each group member must:

1. Complete a final conference with me justifying their work.

2. Take full responsibility for his/her specific role.

3. Submit a peer evaluation on individual group members






 Effectively demonstrates planning 
5 points
 Original idea   

5 points

  ____ /10 points 



Tells a story effectively and coherently      20 points
Story has a clear conflict with exposition and resolution 20 points
Reveals character development,conflict, irony, theme/motif,foreshadowing, etc. (as applicable).  
 20 points
Uses symbols, metaphor, and other figurative devices to contribute to meaning. 20 points
Clearly relates to themes, topics, ideas from class  20 points
Conveys creativity      10 points
   _____/110 points



 Follows guidelines for screenplay/storyboard  
10 points 
 Conveys professionalism in the overall 10 points
 quality of filming, sound, lighting, editing, etc. 5 points 
 Uses appropriate costumes, props, locations, etc. that enhance the production   
5 points 
 Uses music, sound effects, titles, etc. that enhance the production points
 Script is error free 
 _____/35 points


Individual Assessment

Responsibility for Individual Role  5 points
Conference with Teacher
 5 points
Peer  Assessment  15 points
   _____/25 points


TOTAL: _____/180 points 


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