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Honors Journals Spring 11

Page history last edited by Jason Paddock 10 years, 3 months ago

2nd Nine Weeks


1st Interim

4/11: Purpose of humanity and the role of good and evil


3/29: Close Reading Essay draft

1st Nine Weeks

3/23: Close Reading scene from ch. 7-9

3/22: "Before the Law" response

3/21: Politics or Religion in Grendel


3/18: Wealtheow

3/17: Unferth

3/16: Dragon on Grendel

3/15: Role of story telling in Grendel.

3/14: Grendel's perspective compared to the speaker in Beowulf.


3/11: Existentialism

3/9: Metaphors We Live By response



3/7: Outline of short story


3/4: Beowulf Socratic Seminar

3/2: Beowulf influences on modern day life.

3/1: Various thematic ideas from Beowulf.


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