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Egypt Research Assignment

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GOAL: Research the current revolution in Egypt and showcase your findings on the web. 



1. Create a Prezi account. (www.prezi.com) You may want to watch the Prezi tutorials to see how it functions.


2. In pairs, research the political revolution in Egypt.


3. Each pair should create one Prezi that documents the revolution in Egypt in a creative way. (You may want to use the desktops to create the Prezi.) Your Prezi should address the following ideas:

    1. Brief history of the Egyptian government.

    2. Important events that led to the revolution.

    3. What has happened over the course of the revolution.

    4. The importance of social media and the internet in the revolution.

    5. Possible outcomes of the revolution.


****NOTE: A Prezi can be shared between two accounts. Multiple people can work on the same Prezi at one time.



  • Your Prezi should include images and links to useful articles. 
  • Be creative!


4. Journal: Reflection on any ideas about the Egyptian revolution.  


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