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English IV Honors

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       Mr. Paddock                       Spring, 2011                        5th/6th Period


Discussion Board
Student Pages
Current Unit
Film Assignment
Final Project

          NOTE: All individual assignments should be created on your individual wikis unless specifically told otherwise. 





1. Journal: Analyze ONE of these ideas in terms of Beowulf: woman, honor, revenge, heroism, or materialism. Think about how the epic poem addresses the idea in a variety of ways.

2. Write three open ended questions about Beowulf that are suitable for a Socratic Seminar. Please try to think of sharp questions that will invite us to think about specific moments in the book. (No, "Did you like the book?") Write these on a sheet of paper and turn in the basket. Multiple people may write their questions on the same sheet of paper.

3. Finish Archetype Chart

4. Fix any aspects of the revolution videos. 



1. Journal: What are heroes in modern times? How does Beowulf compare and contrast with modern views of being a hero?

2. Finish Beowulf questions

3. Archetype Chart (Current Unit--> near bottom)

Read the explanations of archetypes and then start the chart.


Beowulf Questions

Google Doc: "E4H Beowulf Q ___last name___"

Google Doc with questions


Era Overviews


Revolution Country Videos


Egypt Research Assignment

Egypt Prezis



Socratic Seminar Resources:


Back Channel Transcript


Personal Profile


Google Docs 

Writing, publishing, and sharing tool for written assignments

All assignments are named using this convention: "E4CP [assignment name] [last name]"    

Example: E4CP Journal Paddock

Be sure to share all documents with me: jpaddock@richland2.org


Postman Response

Neil Postman's "Informing Ourselves to Death"

1. Create a Google Doc called "E4H Postman (last name)"Double Entry Journal

2. Read the article. 

3. DEJ (Double Entry Journal): Record 3 quotes that resonate with you. (Affected, surprised, reaffirmed, questioned, etc.) Respond to each.

4. SUMMARY: Summarize Postman's argument in a detailed paragraph. 

5. RESPONSE: Ultimately, do you agree or disagree with Postman?


BNW Research

Purdue's OWL Website (MLA Citations)





1/24: Prepare for Shakespeare Exam

1/25: Postman response

Did You Know Videos

4.0: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ILQrUrEWe8

3.0: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL9Wu2kWwSY


Quick Note on Essays

(General Summer Reading response.)



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